Things I’m learning so far at Neuroscience 2011:
1. This is overwhelming – it’s my first time here! It is a good thing I used the meeting planner to make an itinerary.
2. This is overwhelming.
3. This is overwhelming.
4. Moving on, I am totally geeking out at the exhibitor stands.
5. The poster sessions are intense – I am sticking to areas I understand.
6. Northwest d.c. Is very different from Northeast d.c. And the cab drivers teach you that the hard way… Although this isn’t my first time in d.c. as I went to college 45 mins away, but it has been enlightening seeing d.c. with fresh eyes.
7. I am setting up meetings to meet p.is to set up rotations for when I leave my home institution back to the national labs…

Next up, I will report on some interesting posters I found, and nanosymposiums I attended!