I didn’t get to do much poster observations this morning. I did however spend sometime at the diversity mentoring breakfast and listened to an awesome talk from Eve Marder, Ph.D. The one thing I took away from the talk was the importance of being  true to yourself especially when it comes to your topic of interest. With the field constantly changing, there is often a consensus on what the hottest topics of interest are. Some scientists may thrive of the energy that comes with a well-packed niche, however that may not necessarily work for everyone. She stressed the importance of knowing your topic, loving it and going after it. Researching what you love will never lead you to a juncture in which you are unsure of the next step to take. Also, the three word sentence to always remember was: Never. Stop. Working.

It was uplighting and encouraging, especially as I hold it in light of my future career plans and the trajectory that I would like to take.

I plan to look at a bunch of posters this afternoon and report back with a detailed synopsis of my favorite, similar to the last post.

Hold tight and don’t forget to drink your water.

P.S. the lines at the McCormick place Starbucks are unforgivable.