About the Novice

In the beginning, there was the novice neuroscientist-in-training.

Born to parents from humble beginnings. Sibling to two superstars *not literally, but you know what I mean*. A treasured friend to few. Harshest critique to self. Constantly evolving being. Work-in-progress. American-born, raised in a foreign country. Attended college in a fine American public Institution.

The novice loves writing… and dessert…especially tiramisu and ice-cream and pretty much all that has to do with food, and plans on stocking his/her non-experiment desk in lab with food! The novice also loves comedy sitcoms and laughs both at others and himself/herself. Cartoons/anime follow as well. The novice is also a theist – a disciple of Christ, and very family oriented.

The novice nonetheless loves science, loves research. Absolutely In Love with neurons. And extremely curious about neurodegenerative disorders.

The novice would love for you to read, and welcomes comments and open discussion on topics posted!


Edit 2015:

Currently, I am a 5th year neuroscience Ph.D. student working on understanding the differences among dopamine neuron subpopulations and how the differences in their intrinsic electrical properties shape their functional properties.


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